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A new forum for spot trading of ferro-alloys, noble alloys and minor metals, protected within a trusted community of participants.

01. Price Discovery

IMP brings for the first time, accurate and timely price discovery for IMP traded metals. View current bids and offers for each metal contract on IMP including bid/ask spread, market depth and open interest volumes on working orders above and below the market. Submit orders to be filled "at market" or with price and time expiry limits. 

02. Price Reference

IMP brings for the first time, transparent regional price references for IMP traded metals. View most recent and historical IMP market trade data including price, volume and trade time. 

03. Trading Anonymity

Users trading on the Platform have total trader anonymity and operate in accordance with the rules written in the IMP User Agreement.

04. Standardised Contract Specifications

IMP has created industry standard minimum contract specifications to commoditise each metal for spot trading on the Platform.

05. Physically delivered "In Warehouse" basis

IMP Contracts are settled basis "payment cash before release" of physical metal stored at IMP authorised warehouse locations on an “In Warehouse” basis as good delivery against IMP Contracts. IMP authorised warehouses operate in accordance with the procedures written in the IMP Warehouse Agreement to provide Users with a minimum standard of service across the IMP warehouse delivery network.   

06. Digital Warehouse Receipts (title documents)

IMP Contracts are traded and fulfilled using Digital Warehouse Receipts (“DWRs”) as legal documents of possession that are issued to metal owner Users by authorised warehouses in the Platform. IMP has been intelligently constructed to immediately benefit users from developments in international commercial legislation that will, for the first time, recognise Digital Warehouse Receipts as legal documents of title.

07. Take or offset price risk

Users can make or take delivery of physical metal against spot traded IMP Contracts using the Platform as a terminal market of last resort. Users may also buy IMP Contracts to take outright physical long positions of metal, or sell physical metal held by them in IMP authorised warehouse locations to reduce their physical long position. Users may also use IMP Digital Warehouse Receipts as financeable documents.

08. Compliance Screened Ecosystem

Users are protected within a trusted community of participants screened against leading standards in KYC and compliance monitoring checks, using Komgo Check, before being onboarded to the Platform.

09. Exchange Neutrality

Built by the industry and for the industry, IMP is a neutral B2B marketplace designed by experienced industry partners in consultation with metals industry participants.

10. Mechanisms for safeguarding quality, weight & immutable audit trail

IMP has been intelligently constructed to prescribe processes in its User Agreement and Warehouse Agreement that provide industry acceptable mechanisms for safeguarding Users against common quality and weight discrepancies. To aid dispute resolution, Users also benefit from access to an immutable audit trail securely held offsite by a recognised and trusted third party audit firm.

11. Settlement via industry recognised bank 

IMP has partnered with UniCredit Bank AG to provide Users with post trade settlement services, and who act as the cash settlement agent to the payment transactions, to ensure Users with a regulated, safe & secure payment flow between buyer and seller.

12. Built by the industry, for the industry

IMP has been developed by, and will continue to be developed by, experienced industry partners in consultation with our metals industry participants and representative organisations.

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